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Compass To Your Heart's Desire

- The Album -

In “Compass To Your Heart’s Desire”, Kate Nord creates a symphonic fantasy metal soundscape to take you on a fantastical journey to enchanted lands, with trolls and fairies as your company. The inspiration for the music derives from mixing together folk music melodies and themes, heavy metal guitars, a symphonic orchestra, and operatic vocals.


The track “Wither And Rust” features a guitar solo duel between Francesco Mattei (Noveria) and the founder of Stratovarius - Timo Tolkki.


Produced, mixed, and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio. Vocals recorded at Underworld Studio in Casperia. Cover art by Nicolas Spreutels (Ethernity).




Kate Nord - Vocals, keys, and orchestration

Francesco Mattei - guitars

Andrea Arcangeli - bass

Omar Campitelli - drums.

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