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Kate Nord is a Finnish singer/songwriter and a classically trained vocalist creating symphonic fantasy metal music from Central Italy.
Kate Nord 2019 Promotional Photo by Marco Savi SPF Produzioni

Kate Nord started out as a classical piano student in the town of Porvoo in Finland.

Since a young age, Kate has had a great interest in both music and decoding languages, which led to her picking up an interest in poetry and writing songs of her own.

Discovering the music of Nightwish in high school led to an obsession with the combination of classical vocals and heavy metal. This inspired studies in classical vocals at the local music school in Porvoo, and later at the Helsinki Conservatory.

In 2009, Kate was taught Irish folk songs by a friend which sparked a new passion for traditional music.

In 2010 she was one of the founders of Bray Hearts, an Irish folk music band from Porvoo. The group started seeing local success but disbanded when Kate moved to Italy in 2011.

From the North to the Mediterranean

In Italy, Kate continued her studies in classical vocals at a university-level Conservatory. In 2013 she made an important collaboration by becoming the lyricist for the Italian progressive power metal band Noveria.


Noveria's first album Risen (Scarlet Records 2014) was chosen Best Metal Newcomer of the Year by and the following albums Forsaken (2016) and Aequilibrium (2019) had excellent responses from around the world.


The inspiration for Kate’s own music today comes from Scandinavian folk tales about trolls and fairies and the illustrations for those tales, such as the works of John Bauer, and fantasy novels such as the works of J. R.R. Tolkien. All without forgetting about the powerful heavy metal sounds with blasting drums and churning distortion guitars.

The 2017 Holiday single Walking In The Air was meant to be just a little independent test release but still ended up getting airtime on various web radios.


Kate's debut solo album, "Compass To Your Heart's Desire" was released on December 16th, 2022 with much praise from fans of the symphonic metal genre, earning "Album of the Year 2022" on Mexican music news outlet Metal Pedia.

In 2023, Kate officially joined the ranks of the symphonic metal band AqvileA and the band's first gig with the new lineup was in the city of Aquileia in northern Italy on June 25.

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